Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How Do You Party?

When I was a little girl, it wasn’t a party unless my hair was curled (think Shirley Temple but black hair of course!) and my dress was new.  When I was a teenager it wasn’t a party unless the boys were pimple faced, awkward and wouldn’t dare to speak to you, but did ask somebody who asked somebody who you are.  In the college days it wasn’t a party, unless the music was loud (Madonna, Prince, Boy George, yes, I am THAT old!), and one of your friend’s was nursing a broken heart so you could drag her to the dance floor for Whitney Houston’s “I wanna dance with somebody who loves me”…
Last Sunday we hosted my Mom’s 63rd birthday party at lunch time.  We ate for 4 hours straight and just sat around enjoying time with extended family when Perry (9 yrs old) comes up and says “Mom, this is NOT a party!”  I asked him why not?  His response: “At a real party, people have red plastic cups in their hands, sometimes with name tags and they walk around talking to each other.  You guys are just sitting here with empty hands and just hanging out.”  Until then, I seriously thought we were having a party…
So I asked my husband for his definition of a party.  His response: “A cigar and good scotch.” I asked Ava (5 yrs old) of her definition of a party. Her response: “Only girls, butterflies, a pink cake, and a girl story book.”


  1. Irma forgot to mention that we have a small mirror globe at home for kid "house parties". These kids are crazy. And just for clarification - the cigar should be good quality as well :)
    And I think Madonna might be offended at the statement - I can't believe I just saw her on a music video at the mall...the kids said it was a new song!

  2. Mirror globe?! You must bring it to next year's V-day pot luck. For us, it's definitely lots of food and wine. Chris would agree on the cigar front but I'm more the scotch girl. I think you can tell it's a party if a few minutes before people are due to arrive there's a worry that noone's coming. BTW, I was in London when Boy George (Culture Club) was at their height of popularity and wanted to stalk him but none of my friends would join me. Probably all for the best. Madonna must also be miffed that the Wash Post said she was "just like Lady GaGa".

  3. I always think it is a party when there is lots and lots and lots of food and "shake your ass" music, but maybe I integrated too much into the family hahaha. But it seems my friends like it that way too.

    Big kiss Linda