Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Family Principles

Can you tell both David and I have been in consulting way to long? It seems as if we are incapable of having a conversation that does not involve principles, goals, mission, target states, roadmaps etc. etc.
During a family dinner, I asked all to come up with some principles that we as a family should live by and the kids wanted to know what that means. We were both tempted to start consulting speak when sanity took over and I said “just some nice rules for you all to remember way after I am dead!”. Ava chimed in: “Parents should never yell at their children”…. Sigh, do we really yell at them that much? Perry pipes in: “Parents should give children all the money they want without chores attached to them.” “Not happening” Mr. Perry. They goofed around for a little while longer covering all the “No farting” “No Pooping” and what not that kids their age bring into every conversation, but I must say, I am so proud of all. Here are the 10 Mentzer Principles all agreed on:
1. Love God
2. Surround yourself with people who love you.
3. Oost West, Thuis Best
4. Be Thankful
5. Have Integrity
6. Work Hard, Play Hard
7. Assemble a Family that includes friends
8. Read
9. Travel
10. Embrace all cultures


  1. "Don't yell at your husband" was also vetoed. #3 is something like "East West, home is best". #1 had a lot of discussion between "love" or "fear" God. A supplement to the 10 commandments that Soeranie wrote for me and hanging up to read daily.

  2. Some other items to remember:

    1) Our family is not the only one that is dysfunctional...they all are....
    2) No matter how hard you try, you'll still say those things your parents said that you swore you'd never say
    3) No matter how much you didn't get along, you'll miss them when they're gone
    4) Yes, polar opposites can be birthed from the exact same gene pool and "hardware"
    5) No is an acceptable answer
    6) Tough love is still love, even though it might not feel like it at first
    7) Sometimes you need to mind your own business
    8) Boundaries are important
    9) Respect is important, but must be earned, not demanded
    10) There are at least three sides to every story; yours, the other person's, and the truth
    11) Love, laugh, forgive, and then love some more

    1. I luv your number 4 and wished you were there for the discussions, it was an amazing experience.

  3. wish # 2 was easier because I miss you guys!!! love Linda

  4. Hello Tante Linda; Wat lief van jou, so MOVE to USA! :)