Monday, April 23, 2012

What is your meter?

So, David and I never argue (ha ha) and if we do it's over serious stuff like world peace and who should run which country.  Thus, a few weeks ago during one of our world altering non-fights -who should pick up the coffee beans- I threw a fit that it should not be me because I was going in the opposite direction by a whole 2 miles!

Perry who was accompanying me said" I really don't like it when you yell at Dad".  Who, me? I never yell! Then he tried to persuade me to pick up the coffee beans anyhow and when I resisted, he volunteers the following: "You know Mama, I have these meters in my head and right now the happiness and divorce meters are running at full speed."  If you were to pick up the coffee, the happiness meter would go up and the divorce meter would go down, so can we do it please?"  Needless to say, we went for coffee beans...

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  1. True that we don't seem to argue over "normal stuff". Lately for me, I'm just thrill to get a good nights sleep and that hits all the happy meters ! But a normal Monday morning happy meter of the past would be the measurement of how many cigars I had over the weekend (two would be pretty good). It is amazing how much the meters we use over time change and then even the metrics within them.
    Need to start in earnest on the life meter...what is it after we are gone that we will be known for doing or contributing to the world? There has to be more than the cigar meter.